Be An Engineer at the Engineering EXPO

Since its inception in 2003, the Lower Hudson Engineering Expo has dedicated itself to educating young students on the engineering and technology based pursuits. And, this year’s five-hour event, attended by over 4,000 guests, did just that. A positive vibe reigned as parents and children alike wandered among tables occupied by nearly forty top engineering colleges and universities. Representatives from each were on hand to answer questions and enlighten anyone who ventured in and inquired. A panel of recent engineering grads answered questions and spoke about their experiences in three open forum discussion groups, held in a nearby classroom.

Inclusive in the mix of invited attendees were the local Boys and Girl Scout Councils. They offered young scouts attending the event, the opportunity to earn merit badges, as they met a host of requirements outlined on the website.

March 23, 2015 – WHITE PLAINS, NY - Each year’s Expo event promises to be better than the last. And, the 2015 Engineering Expo, held at White Plains High School, was no exception. The annual event drew record-breaking crowds of both high school and middle school students and their parents, all looking for an opportunity to learn first-hand about nearly every facet of educational opportunities in engineering. 

A Record Turnout for 2015 Engineering EXPO

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The colleges, attending architectural and engineering firms and various public agencies did not disappoint. With interactive displays, eye-catching graphics and hands-on demonstrations, all competed to give curious onlookers a glimpse of the engineering behind everything from bridge design to biochemical research.

The event occupied three locations in the massive High School complex, the Boys gym, the Girls gym and the cafeteria. Some visitors worked on computers, constructing virtual bridges in one part of the gym, while others watched mini robots battle it out, in the other. There were T-shirts to be had, giveaways and a raffle to win one of five Beats® headphone sets. Young engineering hopefuls competed in the Rude Goldberg Contest and Expo’s Infrastructure Challenge. And, a day-long Middle School Activity room, held in the cafeteria, helped to round out the day’s list of attractions.