Colleges and Universities

participation is key to our success. They are where STEM education is cultivated.  Click the button below to register your institution and reserve your free space to inspire students  at our next event.

Professional Societies and Non-profits  your attendance is free. Click below to register and reserve your free space at the Engineering EXPO.

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For nearly 20 years, the strength of Engineering EXPO has been deeply rooted in the support and participation of local and regional businesses, professional societies and public agencies. The men and women associated with these entities have inspired the youth of our community to seek higher goals, by pursuing educational careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with the promise of better, more enriching future.

We wish to thank the following companies, who represent just a small sampling of businesses, for their support and dedication. And we look forward to other firms joining us, in this noble pursuit.

Syracuse University
McLaren Engineering Group
New York Power Authority

​Engineering and Technology Firms  are at the heart of  Engineering EXPO support. Click the button below to register and reserve your space at the event. Thank you for your support.

Tectonic Engineering Consultants, Geologists & Land Surveyors, D.P.C

United States Merchant Marine Academy
GEI Consultants, Inc.
Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers PLLC
Siefert Associates, LLC
STV Incorporated
DTS Provident Design Engineering
railroad construction company, Inc.
Langan Engineering & Environmental Services
El Sol Contracting & Construction Corp.
New York Institute of Technology
Halmar International LLC
PJS Group