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SUNDAY - MARCH 22, 2015​


Engineering is a diverse and challenging field of study. With more than 25 major branches....



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Discover Engineering!

LEARN about career opportunities in the engineering field and about career opportunities in fields from bridge and building design to the world of nanotechnology and biochemical. Learn about college curriculum offerings, admission requirements and financial aid information.

MEET representatives of over 40 of the region’s leading learning institutions including Rutgers, Cornell, Columbia, Penn State, Villanova, RPI and SUNY.

DISCOVER aisles of interactive displays and exhibits focusing on engineering and higher learning opportunities to help you meet the challenges of today’s economic uncertainties.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take control of your educational future, visit this year’s Engineering EXPO.

Learn . . . Meet . . . Discover!  . . . You can be an engineer!

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The overriding effort of this event, is to provide a forum where students can meet with engineering colleges and engineering businesses, to get a real understanding of what engineers do, and to also learn what universities might be of interest to them. We find that college outreach is most effective when we have representatives of both the Admissions office and one or more professors (or grad students) who can speak about the work that they're doing, in their specific engineering field. 

Engineering Expo is a very enjoyable and interactive event, where displays showing research projects or demonstrations can be viewed by visiting students. It give them an understanding of why they've been taking those math and science courses, for all these years. 

We welcome businesses in engineering and technology to join with these leading universities and support Engineering Expo. Become a Silver, Platinum or exhibitor sponsor of our event. Do it for our future, do it for our kids.


Once again, The Lower Hudson Valley Engineering Expo will be a Regional Host of the 2015 Rube Goldberg Contest High School level contest.  This year’s theme is ‘Erase a Chalkboard’. To participate in the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest®:

  • Form a team of at least 3 people and have a teacher or parent advisor that will be present at the competition.
  • Register for the contest hosted by the Lower Hudson Valley Engineering Expo at:
  • Complete the online registration form. (Registration deadline for the LHV Expo’s local contest is February 21, 2015.)
  • Pay the $150 registration fee.  This fee is payable to RGI to participate in the Contest.  The Lower Hudson Valley Engineering Expo does not charge an additional fee.

Design and build a task machine to ERASE A CHALKBOARD.  Machine specifications, team eligibility and contest rules are listed on the Rube Goldberg website – Teams need to download The 2015 Official Rule Book and read it carefully as the Rule book contains information on acceptable materials, size, judging rubrics and other items of importance:

Bring your contraption to the Lower Hudson Valley Engineering Expo on Sunday, March 22, 2015, White Plains High School, White Plains, NY from 11:00am-4:00pm (Set Up time 9:00am) to compete against other teams.

Registration is limited to the first 15 registered teams.

The winner of the local contest qualifies to go on to a National Contest. (All expenses for the National contest are the responsibility of the competing team.)

Have Fun!  Contact JoAnn Rerek at for additional questions or information.


Infrastructure – think of a delivery system – how does anything get from one place to another.

  • Roads, bridges and tunnels carry us from place to place.
  • Water systems provide drinking water and irrigation to crops.
  • A network of public transportation carries people and things where they need to go.
  • Power grids light up cities in various ways.
  • Communication networks, fiber optics, telephone and the internet have become so very important.
  • Air traffic control system keeps planes safely flying.

It is all over the news how infrastructure in the United States is crumbling, computer networks are under cyber attacks by hackers, our public transportation system is old and in need of updating, our power grid relies upon 1960s technology.

With the help of your teacher, coach or mentor, choose a category in the broad spectrum of Infrastructure.  Get as focused as you would like.   Some areas you can explore:

  • Look at the history of your chosen topic.
  • Look at the people responsible for its beginning and who is involved now.
  • Where is it now?  What condition is it in?
  • Is it cost-effective?
  • Who is affected by your topic?
  • Has it changed? . . .How?
  • Is it still viable?  Have any innovations happened in the area you have chosen?
  • Where is it going?

Your Challenge:

  • Come up with a new idea on how to improve your area of infrastructure. Get creative.  It can be an idea that affects the whole or one part of your chosen topic.
  • Prepare a 5-minute presentation – this can be a PowerPoint, a 3-D model or diorama, a skit, whatever you would like to do.
  • Bring your presentation to the Lower Hudson Valley Engineering Expo on Sunday, March 22, 2015 at White Plains High School where it will be judged by a panel of engineers.
  • Awards will be given to the top three presentations

An adult coach, teacher or mentor will need to register the team and be present the day of the Expo.  The team’s students must be in grades 5-8.  Register by email to: no later than February 15, 2015.  A judging rubric is available on the Contest – 

Click Here.

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